Cristal Coed

First Impressions

Cristal Coed is a wicked cute chick, especially when she puts her hair in pigtails. With her big eyes, her sweet smile and a body that´s tight and perky from head to toe it should be a great experience in the member´s area. The tour is really well designed too and I loved reading her introductory letter and her biography page where she talks about being a student and getting naked online because she´s always been an exhibitionist and it seemed like a great way to make some money for school. In short, I´m excited to hit the member´s area and see what she offers.

Hot Promises

Cristal Coed says that she´s better than your wife or girlfriend because she´ll never bitch at you to take out the trash, she´ll never ask you to talk about something and she´s always ready to get naked. That´s the first promise she makes and it´s a good one. Then she gets into the important stuff like how she has hundreds of pics (I hope she means thousands because hundreds isn´t all that much), exclusive videos and tons of bonuses. There are small preview galleries that you should really have a look at if you´re interested in this lovely babe because they show you what the member´s area is going to be like, albeit at a lower resolution.


There are 50 picture galleries in the member´s area for Cristal Coed and although they seem to add new content that number changes. I suspect they shot a certain number of galleries with her and they hold the number of active galleries at 50 while cycling sets off the back end and adding new ones up front. 50 sets is more than enough content for at least a month´s worth of fun, maybe more. I would have preferred that they make the sets downloadable in a zip file so you could build a collection if you decided to let your membership lapse but that´s a small complaint.

Most galleries have 50-100 pictures and they´re quite beautiful at nearly 1300px each. By and large Cristal Coed works the cute teen look, by which I mean she poses in lots of pastel colored clothes and underwear, likes her bikinis, wears t-shirts and jeans, likes tight shorts and lots of simple outfits. There aren´t any elaborate lingerie sets with five pieces and complicated garters or any super slutty dresses or costumes. Instead it´s unfettered beauty presented to you in a cute package. There´s no question that she´s adorable and they take advantage of that to the fullest.

In almost every gallery I saw Cristal Coed gets fully naked, baring her pretty pussy and her perky tits for the camera. In some galleries she´s coy with her snatch, not showing the entire thing but just a little hint. In other sets she spreads her legs and we get a look at her shaved pussy. It´s surprisingly sexy, to be honest. I don´t always find pure pussy pictures hot; in most cases it´s the idea that the girl is showing off her pussy and the combination of her tits, pussy and body that really make the picture fun. In this case I look at her tight pussy lips and think of how truly amazing it would be to slide my cock past them and into her hot hole. Also, getting down there to lick her would be a real pleasure.

There are several galleries where you can get a great look at her pussy. My favorite among them is called Perky Pigtails and it opens with Cristal Coed wearing an adorable pair of bikini style panties and nothing more. Her hair is in pigtails and her big blue eyes are shining as always. She´s smiling as she pulls on her hair and rubs her hands over her tits, pulling on her nipples just a little bit in the process. Her panties come off about halfway through and the first shot of her pussy comes from behind as she turns around and pulls her ass cheeks apart. It´s a stunning vision, I must say. Then she turns around and we see plenty more shaved teen pussy.

Very often you´ll find Cristal Coed posing in her bra and panties. It seems to be her favorite outfit combination and it looks great on her so you can´t argue with the choice. She has a knack for picking out the cutest pairs of panties to pose in from little thongs to boyshorts to fullbacks that cling tightly to her booty. As I mentioned before she generally doesn´t go for the super sexy stuff. My favorite bra and panty posing gallery shows her in a black and pink polka dot bra and black fullback panties. I like the gallery because the bra is so sexy; a great bra can really make a girl look like a million bucks.

My favorite photo set begins with Cristal Coed posing outdoors in one of those football jerseys made specifically for women. It´s white with pink lettering and it doesn´t even cover her entire tummy. It´s a little shiny as the sun beats down on it from above and she has her long blonde hair down in the photo set. She looks utterly adorable and I sort of felt like I fell in love with her a little bit as she smiled at me in the shirt. Then she took it off and showed me her beautiful tits and as always you can´t go wrong when a beautiful young girl shows off her titties.

There are videos at Cristal Coed but only three of them so it´s nothing to get excited about. They look great at 720x480 but if you add the length of all three it doesn´t even come to ten minutes. That´s pathetic, wouldn´t you say´ The one video that´s really worth checking out shows Cristal giving a lap dance. There´s a guy filming it from a first person perspective and she grinds into his crotch very well. She says in the description that she can feel him getting hard as she grinds and I´ll bet he´s not the only one that got a boner watching her shake and shimmy. She promises a part 2 of the video but I have serious doubts about that happening.

The bonus content mentioned on the tour is largely rubbish. The best part is the four bonus galleries featuring Cristal´s friends but that´s not more than 100 pictures total. In the bonus section there are a ton of ads for other solo girls and adult dating sites and then a bunch of leased content. It´s all solo girls but it´s also all crap. Most of them aren´t even that good looking. Do not join for the bonus content.

Croco´s Opinion

The reason to join Cristal Coed is to browse through the 50 galleries where she strips and gets naked and to watch the hot video where she gives a first person lap dance and no doubt gets anyone that watches rock hard. It´s really about the pictures though. This young blonde is incredibly cute and sexy and she really likes to show off her tight body for the men in the audience. She likes to strip and she will almost always flash her pussy at the camera and by god it looks hot. There´s enough content in the member´s area to leave you feeling satisfied if you decide to join so worry not.


The site is well designed and easy to use.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 every 30 days recurring.

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